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I am an 22-year-old college senior, sci-fi enthusiast, and avid gamer. Having built my first computer at 10 years old (which I still use today), I have an passionate love for computers and new technology such as virtual and augmented reality, and enjoy learning about network security and white hat hacking. When I'm not making a website or developing a video game, I love writing calligraphy, drawing, playing games like TEKKEN 7 and Final Fantasy XIV, and reading fantasy/sci-fi!

I was a founding member of and am currently Vice President of Virtual Reality at UCI, UCI's premier VR club. In addition, I am working part-time as UCI Esports staff and also as an independent game developer.



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My Work


Immerse is a first-of-its-kind VR language learning platform used by universities and institutions in Asia and Europe. With the rise of virtual classrooms, Immerse serves to bridge the gap between screen and real life by facilitating face-to-face communication supervised by language teachers.

I helped upgrade Immerse to current generation VR headsets by developing the locomotion and player interaction systems. In addition, I developed systems for teachers to more easily manage and interact with students.

  • Date: Oct 2020 - May 2021
  • Tools: Unity, C#, VR

XING: The Land Beyond

An atmospheric first-person puzzle-adventure game set in the afterlife for the PC, PS4 and Virtual Reality. One of the first full-length VR titles with 6+ hours of story, XING came out September 2017 for PC and all PC VR headsets, and Februrary 2019 for PS4 and PSVR.

I worked on XING during high school over the summer of 2016 and in spring/summer of 2017. In addition to providing in-depth bug analysis and feedback, I worked on the in-game menu, puzzle design of different game levels, and core VR features such as teleportation.

88% (Very) Positive Rating on Steam

Official XING: The Land Beyond Website

  • Date: 2016-2017
  • Tools: C++, Unreal Engine 4


Virtual Reality at UCI (VRUCI) is a student-oriented campus organization at UC Irvine focused on the exploration and development of virtual and augmented reality. We welcome students of all interests and skills to discuss, learn about, and create ideas for VR at our weekly meetings. In addition to developing projects, VRUCI also collaborates with research labs, UCI Esports, and other clubs on and off campus in order to deliver meaningful virtual reality experiences and events.

I was a founding member of and am currently Vice President of VRUCI.
I also designed and programmed the VRUCI website.

  • Date: April 2018 - June 2020
  • Tools: Unity, C#, VR

Youjo Senki VR (WIP)

A 3D movement shooter in VR based on the Youjo Senki franchise.
Fight against waves of enemies while moving all directions in the air.

  • Date: Sep 2019
  • Tools: Unreal Engine 4

Touhou VR (WIP)

Dodge bullets and fire spell cards in 3D VR. Based off the Touhou franchise.

  • Date: Jul 2019
  • Tools: Unreal Engine 4

Road to SLO

An infinite runner based on the 6-hour bus ride to SLOHacks 2019.
Collect coins and avoid storms as the bus ride gets faster!

Road to SLO was completely drawn, designed, and programmed by me in 24 hours.

View my submission on Devpost

GitHub Repository

  • Date: Feb 2019
  • Tools: Aseprite, C#, Unity

Wibbly Wobbly Tower

A cute marshmallow stacking game using realistic wibbly wobbly physics.

I created Wibbly Wobbly Tower in a team of 7 student developers in 12 hours at Tilted Game Jam X. I lead the programming side and contributed much of the programming as well as game design. I completely designed and coded the main Tower Builder mode.
Wibbly Wobbly Tower won 1st place of 4 teams!

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GitHub Repository

  • Date: Mar 2018
  • Tools: Blender, C#, Unity

Deep Cerulean

A calm, soothing game depicting the nature of ocean life driven by systemic design and emergent gameplay. Each creature thinks for itself in this realistic ocean simulation.

I created Deep Cerulean in a team of 3 in 36 hours at Hacktech 2018. I was in charge of learning 3D modeling to accomplish the low-poly aesthetic of the game.
I also contributed to game design and programming.

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GitHub Repository

  • Date: Mar 2018
  • Tools: Blender, C#, Unity

Banana Monkeys

A stylish and whimsical yet challenging puzzle game about traversing a monkey on trees.

I created Banana Monkeys in a team of 4 in 36 hours at LAHacks 2018. I was in charge of puzzle design and created 20 unique puzzles for the game that increased in complexity through combination of introduced mechanics. In addition to jumping from tree to tree, there were mechanics such as pitfalls, birds that carried the monkey over obstacles, and snakes. I also contributed to the programming and 3D modeling.

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GitHub Repository

  • Date: Mar 2018
  • Tools: Blender, C#, Unity

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