Anime ART Audio Mixing

I really enjoy traditional (line/color) art in that I can, using just my two hands, create an image that invokes an idea in someone else's mind.
I've definitely used my art skill to show ideas that I can't describe in words to friends, family, and co-workers.

I've been doodling since I first picked up a pencil, since I just liked to draw concepts on the back of class paperwork and tests.
I took a beginner art class in high school which helped me get some fundamentals (below).

After that though, I only drew a couple times a year (at least 1 since I'd always do a portrait for my friends for Secret Santa).

During the 2020 pandemic, I tried practicing more and more and I did finish about 15 which was a big improvement.
I didn't really have a schedule and so I usually drew if I happened to feel like it.
It was good and bad, since I wouldn't ever force myself to draw but I wouldn't improve as fast as I would want.
I ended up dropping off a bit after school started in Fall though.

Right now (Nov 2020), I use my Surface Pro 4 as a drawing tablet because I like drawing directly on the screen.
My favourite style is probably soft lines with soft colours, because I love happy feelings.
Sometimes though, I like to draw realistically or with lots of lines because it makes it look more interesting.