Calligraphy is something I feel like I got into just through curiosity.
I always had a soft spot for cursive writing since it looked so elegant compared to my normal handwriting, so I always opted to use it.

My beautiful normal handwriting (2014)

My slightly better cursive (2015)

Fountain Pens

I started really getting into fountain pens around 2015-2016 because my grandpa gave me an old pen, which was really fascinating.

My first fountain pen (2015)

My collection expands (2015)

Notice how the fountain pen bleeds? My teachers sure did. (2016)

I love writing titles because capital letters have lots of flair. (2016)

Something about chemistry and calligraphy just matches so well. (2016)

Gases (2016)

Maybe it's science and cursive? - Physics Notes (2017)

Cursive can really go with anything - Econ Notes (2017)

"Put that thing away before anyone sees it!" (2017)

The collection grows. (2017)

Of course I shared a lot of pics to show off my new gear! (2017)

New Pen Day! (2017)

I started getting into different colored inks. (2017)

E (2017)

Happy Green New Year! (2017)

New Year, New Pen (2018)

Workplace Warm-n-Fuzzies (2018)

Changing Up My Fonts

Another thing I really like to do is change up my handwriting style every now and then!
This goes for my normal handwriting too and I feel like I've improved a lot on that.

Slant Left